Timesharing offers people the opportunity to purchase time modules at fully furnished vacation resorts, usually in weekly increments - for a
fraction of the cost of full vacation home ownership. For a one-time purchase price and an annual maintenance fee, timeshare purchasers own
their vacations forever, or for a predetermined number of years, depending upon the purchase agreement.

Here is how it works

•  Holiday for life without escalating holiday accommodation costs.
•  Holiday worldwide at any time of the year.
•  Use RCI’s exchange system for exciting holidays worldwide.
•  Luxurious resorts offering a wide range of facilities from snow skiing to safari resorts
•  Self catering, family holidays suitable for all lifestyles, even the most discerning holiday maker.
•  Most cost-effective holiday method.
•  Inheritable asset for heirs.

What do I get for my money?

You are investing in an exclusive timeshare property in a RCI holiday resort that is exchangeable worldwide. You have the choice of the size,
location and grade of the property you invest in - just as you would on buying a house to live in. This is a valuable investment that will provide you
with holiday accommodation each year, in perpetuity. Should you wish at any time to sell your timeshare, you may do so, or you could leave it in
your will to your children so that they could benefit from it for their lifetimes also. You can also let friends use your timeshare or rent the week
out privately or through the resort.

If I own a week in a specified resort, does that mean that I have to take my holidays in the same place each year?

There is no obligation to use/holiday at the resort that you initially purchase at. Most owners never actually use their home resort, but use it as a
smart means of exchange to open the door to other exciting destinations. By becoming a member of RCI,DAE or Ixchange, you can space-bank
your week and exchange it for someone else’s week, anywhere in South Africa or the world, at anytime of the year, in a similar resort, season and
unit type.

How do I choose my timeshare?

Use the following guidelines to choose your weeks.
A. The TIME /SEASON of year that you decide you want to holiday in.
Peak = South African school holidays
Red = high season
White = mid season
Blue = low season.

Obviously, the majority of people would prefer to holiday in the high season, such as summer and school holidays. If you are able to holiday at a
less popular time of year, then you can buy a timeshare at a lower price in lower season.

B. The SIZE of the unit.
0/2ST = 2 sleeper studio or hotel apartment
1B2/4 = 1 bedroom sleeps 2 privately and 4 in total (2/ sleeper sofa)
2B4/6 = 2 bedrooms sleeps 4 privately and 6 in total (2/sleeper sofa)
3B6/8 = 3 bedrooms sleeps 6 privately and 8 in total (2/ sleeper sofa)

Holiday accommodation is designed in units that sleep from 2 people upwards. The smallest unit is a studio apartment which has a bed-sitting
room sleeping a maximum of 2, but the average unit is either a 2-bed roomed unit, sleeping 4-6, or a 3-bed roomed unit to sleep 6-8. Again, the
larger the unit, the higher the cost.

C. The TYPE of resort accommodation offered.
Gold Crown Resorts - top quality, five star resorts
Silver Crown Resorts – luxury four star resorts
Hospitality Resorts – comfortable three-star family resorts

When choosing the type of holiday to buy, it is important to remember that you can only space-bank and exchange your holiday on a like for like
basis. You can always “trade-down” in quality, but cannot “trade-up”, so you cannot exchange a week in a “Standard” quality studio apartment for
a week in a 2 bedroomed “Gold Crown” unit. It is a good policy therefore to buy as expensive a holiday package as one can reasonably afford, to
avoid possible future restrictions in choice.

Just like buying any pre-owned property, the owner decides what he wants to sell for. An owner anxious to sell quickly, will reduce his price
accordingly. Thus, we are able to offer timeshares at an even lower price
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